Reasons for Mexican Revolution

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There are many sociopolitical reasons why political conflicts lead to revolution marked by violence and death. Ultimately, political systems that do not allow constructive dialog, and a loyal opposition breed discontent amongst the masses, causing mayhem and revolution. During the mid to late 1800's, Mexico was under colonial rule. The country had been invaded by several foreign powers. This came to an end when a General by the name of Porfidion Diaz first tried to overthrow President Benito Juarez in 1872 but was unsuc Continue...

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Don Porfirio, as he was called, became the president and governed for more than 30 years (1876-1911). Eventually, mayhem and conflict would end up killing Madero. As you can see, Daz did every thing in his power to crush any uprisings. Under his rule, Mexico had political stability and grew in many areas, creating new industries, railroads, miles of railroad tracks as well as the increase of foreign capital. cessful; then again, rebelled against President Lerdo de Tejada in 1876 and won. The Cananea massacre is historically considered the spark that finally ignited Mexico's Revolution. This led the downfall of General Porfirio Daz. So in the end the peasants achieve their goals but at a steep price. Fighting among revolutionary groups did not end until 1920. Unfortunately peace did not come to this country for a while. Eventually, he was overthrown in 1911 and Madero became the president. To defend these two popular sectors, Ricardo Flores Magon founded the Mexican Liberal Party. Flores Magon was persecuted by the Porfirist regime, and eventually died in an American prison.


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