With the many different methods of advertising, sometimes advertisements can get on your nerves. Advertising, believe it or not, has a purpose. It does not exist to annoy you. Advertisements exist to get your attention and once they have it, they make you aware of the many different products and opportunities for you to obtain these products. Advertising is everywhere with everything you do. I want to show you throughout your day, how many different forms of advertising you will experience and how advertising can influence your decisions.
             On your way to work, you see a billboard that is offering a way to brighten your day by listening to Bill Banks and the morning crew on hot 107.1. So you tune your radio to that station. On the radio you hear: How would you like a hot and fresh sausage patty on a soft, made from scratch buttermilk biscuit? McDonalds would “love to see you smile“! Before you heard that McDonalds commercial - you probably weren’t even hungry but now you find yourself pulling to the drive-thru so they can see you smile.
             When you arrive at work, you notice that one of your co-workers, Joe, is wearing a very interesting t-shirt that says, “I had the time of my life at the Palace.” So, quite naturally you ask Joe, What is the Palace and what did he do there that was so much fun? Joe tells you that it is a club that he went to last weekend. He goes on to mention that the D.J was magnificent and the club is huge. It looks like a palace. Everybody there was dancing and having a great time. He just happens to be going again next weekend and ask if you would like to go. You reply with a yes, of course. Now, would you have asked him about The Palace if he hadn’t been wearing that shirt? No. Advertising is doing an excellent job of capturing your attention.
             As you return home, you check your mail and nothing but bills, bills, and more bills. Wait! Kroger is having a sell on your favorite cer...

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