Dark Romantic Poe

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The Dark Side of Poe Edgar Allen Poe was known as a Dark Romantic because of his style of writing. A Dark Romantic was known for valuing intuition over logic and reason and thought that human events had certain signs and symbols behind them. Poe used the literary technique of symbolism very well, which Dark Romantics were known to use quite often. Dark Romantics were known to explore the dark side of a subject, but Poe was especially known for this because he had a very mad and deranged psyche. Poe used conflicts and bad experiences from his own life to help add him in his dark and creepy writings. Poe’s, The Fall of the House of Usher examines the dark side of human life through the life of Roderick Usher and his decaying house. Right away Poe begins to describe the atmosphere around the Usher home, which is eerie and raises the reader’s attentiveness. Before getting inside the house the narrator is already frightened by the appearance of the house, which looks like a face and has a crack running down the center of the structure. The house now seemed unstable to the narrator and was afraid to enter it because he was afraid it might collapse on him “… made its way down the wall in a zigzag direction…” (Pg 266), which f Continue...

We notice this change through the change of the speaker's voice. In the beginning of the poem the speaker's tone is dull and does not really care about the tapping that is coming from his door. Poe's description of the house and Roderick show the readers his true qualities as a Dark Romantic writer. This gives us a sense of insanity on his behalf because he thinks that a spirit had done the tapping. Yet when he realized it was a bird he was disappointed and annoyed with the fact that a bird caused all of his trouble. Yet in "The Raven he uses the state of mental sickness. This is the other side of the dark romantics that exhibits that some of the writings come from the minds of a mentally deranged man as Edgar Allen Poe. Poe uses two different types of writings in The Fall of the House of Usher and "The Raven. His view of the house came from the perspective of man who was deranged and offered the reader only the sense of fear. Roderick is given the characteristics of a cadaver, which is probably the worst characteristic a person could get. Poe's use of imagery plays an important role he how the mood is put across. Poe describes the characters own mood as "nearly napping (Pg 282), which gives us a sense of sleep and indicates to the reader that the character was tired. "The Raven shows more of Poe's deranged psyche. Lenore was a past love of Poe who had passed away. When he realized that a raven had been doing the tapping it seemed that his tone had a sense of disappointment in it.