Police Leadership

             Positive leadership in the police force is something that is very important to our community and country today. Leadership is when members of an organization use their energies appropriately and morally and achieving a departments goals. The police departments is a goal directed organization. For some one to be a positive leader they must put the departments goals ahead of fulfilling his personal needs of achievement. With out proper leadership especially in the police force our community doesn't stand a fair chance.
             When it come to leadership authority and power come into play. Though these two terms may sound alike they have a very different meaning when it come to working in a police force. Authority is the grant mad by the a formal organization to a position. When some was is an Authority automatically they are able to influence others to perform acts. Power is the grant mad by the led to the leader. “Power is an indispensable dimension of the police departments.”(pg 213)
             Leadership requires that the leader knows exactly the importance of there influence on the outcome of events and are willing and proud to play a role in that process. To be a leader one must posses certain skills and characteristics. One must be confident, a good judge of character. Important traits are at least above average Intelligence, well rounded, mature, powerful inner drive, knows how to cooperate, and has exceptional social skills. These are all things needed to be a leader. Not all leaders have a positive effect on the administration. It is up to the individuals and other leaders to take it upon themselves to make sure the correct and appropriate directions are being taken. There are three specific leadership skills in a police department. They are Technical skills, Human Relations skills , Conceptual skills and Technical skills. Technical skills are to have the ability to perform basic police functions. Human relations it the ability to int...

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