Discipline Among Children and Solutions for our Society

             Almost everyday in the news, we hear about a problem with undisciplined children. Sometimes there is a report of a school shooting or a child who went on a rampage against his entire family. It is absurd that the United States, one of the most powerful countries in the world, cannot control a situation like this. Children are our future. Parents should be in charge of most of the discipline in their lives. Schools are for education, not just discipline. When children are not punished, they think they can get away with anything. One of the few legal punishments is grounding. This makes children more rebellious. Corporal punishment is a very controversial issue in our society today. In our society today we have people for and against corporal punishment. Usually the conservatives are for corporal punishment because they believe that the older generations that were subject to it did not have the same problems as today. While the liberals that are against corporal punishment believe that issues with violence in our children have not been proven to be a direct result of corporal punishment. The presence or absence of corporal punishment really producing the results we desire for our society? America is not giving children the discipline or education that they need.
             Although there may not be many immediate solutions to the growing number of problems with discipline in children, there is enough that we can do now to minimize future problems in our society of growing kids. If Americans work together to develop firm guidelines for disciplining our children then we may be able to decrease the magnitude of disciplinary problems in our future.
             Mostly parents are to blame for the way a child will act. The old solutions such as teaching your child respect for the law, communicating with your child and spending more time together as a family have failed to be successful in the discipline of children because those solutions nee...

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