Discipline Among Children and Solutions for our Society

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Almost everyday in the news, we hear about a problem with undisciplined children. Sometimes there is a report of a school shooting or a child who went on a rampage against his entire family. It is absurd that the United States, one of the most powerful countries in the world, cannot control a situation like this. Children are our future. Parents should be in charge of most of the discipline in their lives. Schools are for education, not just discipline. When children are not punished, they think they can get away with anything. One of the few legal punishments is grounding. This makes children more rebellious. Corporal punishment is a very controversial issue in our society today. In our society today we have people for and against corporal punishment. Usually the conservatives are for corporal punishment because they believe that the older generations that were subject to it did not have the same problems as today. While the liberals that are against corporal punishment believe that issues with violence in our children have not been proven to be a direct result of corporal punishment. The presence or absence of corporal punishment really producing the results we desire for our society? America is not giving childr Continue...

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A child will be traumatized or injured by any violence taken against them. Corporal punishment is wrong and should never be considered under any circumstance. 50 years ago or more many children were mostly in the working class. When a person wants to control others spanking seems to say that it is okay to hit. The old solutions such as teaching your child respect for the law, communicating with your child and spending more time together as a family have failed to be successful in the discipline of children because those solutions need to be accompanied by more stringent ways of control. Although some may disagree with the use of corporal punishment on children it seems clear that our current methods for disciplining children have failed. Because there will be no tomorrow if we teach no one today. The government needs to reassess its priorities. Hence, the minimal concern for the environment and education. The disciplinarians believed that it taught the children a sense of discipline for their education. The family was considered a very important factor in life decades ago. What we need is equality for women. Not to mention that two thirds of the world"tms poverty are women. Discipline in the schools was not limited to boys.


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