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Music For some people music is a very big influence, They dress up and act like the music they listen to. They put make-up on, spike there hair, dread it, dye it and ware black and extra-baggy clothing just to show people what kind of music there into. For whatever your into there’s some style of music for you. Some people get introduced to a certain type of music and it completely changes their life, the way they dress, act, speak and Continue...

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They dress up hippied out sporting dreadlocks, dirt, macrame, and colorful shirts. the people you hang out withThere are many types of music and many types of styles that go with the music. And of course all our parents like whatever they were into when they were kids, like our dads who are into Styx, Pink Floyd, led Zeppelin, Def leopard, and whatever else they liked. Rap supports baggy pants and hat"tms sideways. There"tms Goth"tms, they were black and white make-up have crazy piercing etc. For instance there"tms punks, they shave, spike, dye, and do crazy things with there hair just to be noticed. There"tms many types of music and styles for whatever you"tmre into. No matter if you"tmre a punk, yuppie, gangster, prep, Goth hippie and ex hippie or even if you don"tmt even know what you like, there"tms someone to influence you, to like the music that they listen to. Our Moms were into Elvis, The Beatles and what ever else was popular at the time. There"tms hippies who like string bands and the old yuppie music from back in the day. Friends are always influencers on other friends if they like the same thing they get something in common and something to talk about.


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