Drinking At 18

             Should the legal drinking age be 21 as it is right now, or should it be lowered as it once was to 18? It used to be 18 before the years between 1970 and 1980. This is easily discussed among college students, most of which are under the legal drinking age. As I was discussing this issue with fellow students, I heard many responses from different ages. Some said that they were okay with the current law; besides if they wanted alcohol they could get it easily. Others were stating that the age should go back to 18.
             The arguments for the legal drinking age at 21 where it is now is supported with many sources on the World Wide Web and in print articles. One statement that kept rising is that many 18-year-olds are still in high school when they are 18, and they also come in close contact with 15-17 year olds (Parker 69). The individual state laws vary because there is no federal law for the minimum drinking age. Currently all states have a minimum legal drinking age of 21. The way the federal government encouraged states to raise the drinking age to 21 is to withhold a portion of Federal-aid highway funds (Advocates Fact…).
             I personally see the reasoning behind the minimum drinking age being 18. I feel that the drinking age should be 18, not because I would be able to buy alcohol legally, but because since people can serve in the armed forces and die for their country they should be able to. This doesn’t make sense. Many states have the law which keep minors from buying alcohol, but it doesn’t specifically state anything about drinking it (A call for…). So there are some loopholes in states’ laws. It is also easy for someone my age to buy alcohol with a fake ID or by knowing the clerk, who in most cases is a friend. In college almost everyone knows someone who is 21 so it can be easy to get anyway. If someone really wanted alcohol they could get it.
             The issues that 18-year-olds are less mature than 21 year...

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