Isolation (Of Mice and Men)

             Isolation is the term used when a being is confined to himself without any outside contact. In the story, Of Mice and Men, isolation was a major role forced upon Crooks and Curley’s wife. Crooks is an old black man whom lives in a little hut beside the manure pile, and lives and sleeps by himself, with no contact besides orders. Curley’s wife was isolated, simply because Curley didn’t not trust her, and considered her to be a tart. These two characters have a lot in common as shown through this story.
             Crooks is a slave, an old black man whom is literate and tends to be crabby. He is crabby because his whole life he has seen failure been pushed around and not taken seriously, and every time he does something good and starts to get somewhere or make something of himself, he gets shot down to rock bottom. Thus causes people to become isolated and keep to them selves, however, Lennie, a man who isn’t aware of social and cultural barriers, talks to crooks, and tells him about his farm. For the first time ever in his life Crooks see’s a light, an opportunity for success and to be free, thus sorta bring himself out of isolation, to life in a happier place, a dream land, the land in which every hard working man such as himself, George, Candy, and even Lennie dream of. That takes Crooks to a new level of thinking.
             Curley’s wife and himself were married at a young age, he promised her to have a good life and be happy. Unfortunately she was too young to know what she had gotten herself into. Curley couldn’t love his wife because he didn’t trust her, nor did he trust is co-workers, he considered he to be a tart because of the looks she gave people. However, little id anyone notice, those were not looks of lust, nearly looks of conversation. She was lonely, very lonely, and didn’t have a single person to talk to, didn’t have a job and could not get out fending for herself. She was isolated in a world of Curley, which was n...

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