Comparison of Yahoo and MSN Article about Missing N.D. Stude

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In comparing the two web sites I found many differences and many similarities. The Yahoo article “Missing N.D. Student’s Body Found in Minn.” states the author’s name while Msn “Body of missing N.D. student Dru Sjodin found” does not properly specify an author’s name. The two different articles had a similarity in the writing style that gives the reader the impression of plagiarism. For example the relationship in paragraphs two through five are comparable in wording. The author of both articles appears to be Dave Kolpack, a writer for the Associate Press. Mr. Kolpack recounts the fact that Dru Sjodin’s body was found in a ravine previously covered by a snow bank in Crookston, Minnesota. It wasn’t until the snow had melted that her body was discovered on 17 April 2004. Chris Lang, Sjodin’s boyfriend said he remembers the snow drifts as being five feet high. (para. 9, Lang was the last person to have heard from Sjodin the day she disappeared. The difference between the two Continue...

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They are ready to move forward through this trial, no matter how painful it may be. His next court appearance is July 19. (yahoo para 13, msn para 8) Yahoo appears to dig beyond surface deep with information involving Mr. Yahoo and MSN give information of when Alfonso was arrested and where he is jailed as of today, "December and jailed at the Grand Forks, about 25 miles northwest of Crookston". The MSN article weighs more heavily on the pertinent information than the emotional atmosphere of Yahoo"tms article. This brings more emotional depth to the article, but he never states where he obtained these quotes. Yahoo states a larger amount of information involving Alfonso Rodriguez, the convicted sex offender allegedly responsible for the death of Dru Sjodin. Kolpack or did he use another source of information to influence the emotional impact of the article In paraMy overall impression of the two articles was Yahoo"tms article had more of an emotional affect from the author"tms point of view, while MSN was more clinical and bland with a stale state the facts feel. , 51 years old of Crookston, Minnesota". More than 1,500 mourners attended her funeral April 24 at Grand View Lodge. Yahoo and MSN"tms article states the alleged killers age, name and residence, "Previous sex offender Alfonso Rodriguez Jr.


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