What Can We Learn From The Holocaust?

             Between 1939 and 1945 over 11 million innocent people died in Europe. One man named Adolph Hitler persuaded a whole nation to exterminate a whole race of Jews and other minorities. The holocaust as it was called took place in central Europe and was taken into effect when the nazi party came to power in Germany. Eile Weisel was put into a ghetto in his hometown and later separated from every one he knew except his father. This was the basis for the Nobel Peace Prize winning book written by Eile. The nazi party single handedly caused the murder of 11 million people and the bloodiest and most expensive war of all time. What can we learn from the holocaust to use in our lives?
             Prejudice within a person can reduce that person to a cruel heartless animal. Germany, after world War 2 was in economic depression. When the nazi party came into power they needed some one to blame for this. Adolph Hitler the leader decided to scapegoat The Jewish community along with other minorities. Hitler’s answer to Germany’s problems was to murder innocent people. Eile Wiesle was taken from his family and imprisoned and put to work for one reason. He was Jewish. When the Jews captors did not feel guilt or remorse for their treatment of the prisoners, it was almost impossible to see a reason for not giving up and dieing. Often the only reason a prisoner would continue on was the hope of his future.
             A human being needs a future to strive for or a beloved to live for or he will lose the will to survive. When Elie and his father met with Stein of Antwerp at the concentration camp, his first question was, “have you herd form my family?”. Elie’s father knowing that Stein needed hope, lied to him and told him that his family was safe. If you where a prisoner and you knew that you had no one to live for and no future you would have no reason to fight to live. We go about every day getting ready for our future. We go to school, get married, and make mo...

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