Overcrowding in our Prison System

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Prison overcrowding is quickly becoming a major financial and controversial problem in the United States. There are now more than two-thirds of a million people in our country in jail or in prison, and soon there will be half a million in prison alone. With that being said, two-thirds are confined in less than 60 square feet of floor space. While prison conditions have improved considerably in many ways, the present correctional system is still struggling to deal with the same problems that the United States has experienced in the past. State and Federal prison overcrowding has continued to hurt United States correctional facilities because of increasing inmate population and the demand for lower corrections costs. These two factors have resulted in a growing shortage of living space for prisoners. Many correctional facilities are operating under hazardous conditions, which include operating past the maximum capacity. Overcrowding in prisons and inmate to inmate violence appears to be closely related as well as intolerable living conditions, which contribute to many of the problems in prisons, which seem to be unconstitutional. Violence including sexual assault, poor health and the spread of diseases among inmates, and several inm Continue...

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One more component that designers of the William Head Institution tried to emphasize is the need for privacy. Whether some want to believe it or not, overcrowding is a serious problem that we all have to look at because it is our money that is being used to support a failing prison system. This action would in turn increase the pool of prisoners eligible for parole. The parole board still has discretion in letting prisoners go on parole, or refusing eligibility of release. Judges can't give an offender any amount of time that they want. Research has shown the people discuss private matters more openly in "softly furnished settings rather than a "hard one. Overcrowding is a serious problem as many can see, but there are many reasons for overcrowding, as well as effects of it, and there are strategies people are trying to use in order to control this dilemma. Government has to devise a plan that makes our money go to a successful project rather than a failing one. Another effect of prison overcrowding is the behavior of inmates. An important feature of the institution is the private bedroom for each inmate, in which inmates will be allowed to decorate and arrange their rooms, allowing control over access to their private space. William Head Institution is the first institution of its kind, and maybe many institutions should take a look at what is being done there, to make the societies in most prisons less primitive. Many changes need to be made starting from the outside, in. What the former President is trying to say is that there are many people with drug problems, but dealing with them by incarcerating them won't help their drug habit. Rehabilitation is probably the right way to deal with these people. Not only would there be an environment that was more "homey, but instead of the constant flurry of 40 or 50 inmates living in a cell, that would be alleviated by building housing units which hold only five or six inmates.


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