Cheating in School

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There are many forms of cheating used today in school. Some examples know today include copying a fellow student’s homework, copying answers off someone’s test, writing test questions down for another student. One of the wildest and most bizarre forms of cheating known right now involves the use of a cell phone to pass answers during a final exam. In this type of cheating, students would send messages, via cell phones, to share answers on the multiple-choice portions of the final exam. Most believe that all forms of cheating are wrong. Cheating is believed to me unethical as well as immoral. Your main objectiv Continue...

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Cheating results in you not being able to gain that knowledge. Either way, it is a matter of self-opinion. Max justifies his conduct by saying that he would want Lewis to give him the test if Lewis had been the one to receive the extra copy. As commonly expresses, the golden rule holds that you should "do unto others as you would do unto you. e in school is to be able to gain as much knowledge as you can. Max has violated the spirit of the golden rule by assisting Lewis in cheating on the test. Most students believe that in this example would be ok since no one got caught. You can only show them the facts and give them all the information that is known. Feelings of guilt are the most common feelings for those who had just cheated. Even though most students rarely participate in cheating, most still believe that it is wrong. Martin's law class, Max accidentally receives two copies of the exam. He fills out one and returns it, but keeps the other. The rule can be abused by people who place their own self-interest, in this case by cheating, above the interests of other people.


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