Hamlet: A Tragic Hero

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Hamlet: A Tragic Hero A tragic hero is a character who attains a “heroic” stature, brought about after their downfall, which occurs as a result of the characters’ own flaw. In this play, “Hamlet”, Hamlet is perhaps a hero, but he is certainly a tragic hero. And in order to be a tragic hero, he must first have a flaw. What is the flaw, which causes Hamlet’s downfall? It could be many different traits. Was it his need for revenge? Was it his naïve approach to life? Did he put too much trust in places where it wasn’t deserved? I guess that each person who has read the play, “Hamlet”, has probably come to their own unique conclusion as to what Hamlet’s flaw really is. In the end, this flaw could be considered as a catalyst for events that lead to the deaths of many, including his own. To me, Hamlet’s tragic flaw is his inconsistent approach to problems. During the times that call for fast actions, and for Haml Continue...

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His flaw was his method, and his inconsistent approach to problems. Another example of this inability to think quickly is in Act III scene II, when Hamlet wants to have more proof of Claudius"tm guilt in murdering his father. Perhaps if he had gone through with his plan, King Claudius would never have conspired with Laerates, preventing a chain of events, which lead to many more deaths. This act in itself might have been the last straw. There are many other instances throughout the play, which also reveal his poor judgments. This could come in many forms; courage in a bad situation, nobility, or merely doing what is right. Ironically, since Claudius is killed with the same weapon that he intended to kill hamlet with. In the last scene, he accomplishes many of the tasks which define him as a hero. He is ready to kill him, but then, at the last minute, he talks himself out of doing it. et to make up his mind quickly, he either takes forever to make a decision, or he makes a choice, only to slowly talk himself out of it. These alone could be the determining factors that would cause Hamlet to be a hero. An example of this is seen in Act III scene III, when Hamlet finds King Claudius trying to pray. But a tragic flaw is not the only requirement for a tragic hero.


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