DBQ- Reform, Democratic ideals

             1825-1850 was a time of major reform in education, crime prevention, slavery, religion, women’s rights, industrialization, and public schooling, all a part of the revivalistic movement. These did seek to expand democratic ideals, as these movements reflected liberty, equality and the pursuit of happiness, which all lies in the American declaration of independence.
             Crime prevention was a reform during this period, brutal and harsh punishments were reduced, petty crimes and punishments such as being debt were almost eliminated as laborers entered state legislators. At this time they had an idea to not only punish but reform criminals, therefore adopting the penitentiary system mentioned in Document A. Not only did they sought to prevent future crimes by ‘seeking out the youthful and unprotected’. This document contains indications of moral and religious implications. Relating to document E whereas the youth had been industrialized and educated with morals. All this relates to the pursuit of happiness which thus relates to democratic ideals. The document talks about hard work and a virtuous child this reflects education reforms at that time that not only emphasized an improved education but also emphasized on morals and rationalism, which McGuffey preached.
             Temperance literature was also widely shown at that time. Document H is a great example of this, which depicts the social and economic costs of drinking. At this time, drinking excessively was a problem because it reduced efficient laborers, which thus reduced hardworking individuals into mindless drunks, which went against revivalistic ideals. Therefore the attempt to reduce alcohol intake reflected democratic ideals as it improved the lives of individuals and the individuals families, therefore promoting the pursuit of happiness. Reforms also emphasized on stable hard working families which is clearly shown in Documents E,C and H. Document E talks about hardworking fami...

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