Water Pollution in South America

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Water Pollution in South America In today’s world, water pollution is becoming a bigger issue in South America, as well as around the globe. This problem exists all over South America due to the lack of laws and restrictions made and enforced by the governments in these countries. In some places, sewage treatment plants are almost non-existent and the ones that do exist are out-dated and not in working condition. Did you know that in some places in South America sewage runs right out of houses and into nearby rivers and lakes, causing the drinking water to become severely contaminated? This ends up causing harmful side affects on the inhabitants in the area that must survive off this water. South America is inhabited by 3rd World Countries where development is little, poverty and populations are high, and money is hard up. Governments try to raise money and use tax money to fix the severe problem of water pollution but it is not enough to provide working sewage treatment plants that can accommodate the rapidly growing population and the rapidly decreasing amount of water available for use. Many people are uneducated of what can be found in sewage. The sewage in South America contains grease, nutrients (nitrate Continue...

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Most of the water is safely stored in communal tanks, but other families that can"tmt afford proper tanks must store their water in old gas and oil barrels which contain very harmful chemicals. After all, they have money for all this testing that has been done already, as well as everything else that a government normally takes care of. htmlNational Geographic: Fresh Water Great Lakes (September 16, 2002 issue) New York, NY. Even though Sao Paulo is rich in water and an envy of its neighboring countries, the inhabitants abuse this fact and industries still release inorganic compounds against the law. It"tms easy to state what has to be done, but it"tms having the technology, money, intelligence, and support that"tms needed for it to get done. The pleas of these people fall upon deaf ears. Along with cow lungs, dead pigs, horses, cows themselves, and fish can be found floating throw the river on a daily basis. " The TietA River in Sao Paulo is dead, meaning it"tms without oxygen. This harms the natural growing vegetation and the water ecosystems. Without anything living in the river it becomes more and more polluted each day as wastes flow through it that has been released from nearby industries.


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