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What is television? The dictionary defines it as the transmission of visual images of moving and stationary objects, generally with accompanying sound, as electromagnetic waves and the reconversion of received waves into visual images. However in reality television is one mindless commercial after another. It is a constant barrage of consumer messages telling me what I want. Often television is unnecessary noise. Most importantly television is not as friendly and harmless as it seems. The number of negative problems directly linked to television far out weighs the positive rewards. Caught in our own addiction people often wonder what is so bad about it. Television has negative consequences on society, health, family and it is an addiction, however, there are some things about it that are not bad. Television exposes children to inappropriate language. So many children watch television unsupervised and pick up these words at young ages and start using them in public. Violence is another thing television viewers are overly exposed to. Viewers become desensitized to violence by watching it over and over on their television screen. Television is extremely graphic in it’s portraying of sex, drugs and many other negative conotations Continue...

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The scene has changed to "Hurry grab a plate and a TV tray, Survivor is about to start. Watching this much television is controlling, to often people plan their life around the television guide. The amount of time one spends watching television makes it and an addiction, especially because it is almost impossible to quit. In theory people sleep eight hours a day and go to school or work for approximately six to eight hours leaving eight to ten hours of "free time a day. In the roughly fifty years since television was introduced television has evolved as a menace to our society's mental and physical health. Plus the numbers of educational and informative programs on television are few and far apart. Some of the not so negative things about television are that it is cheap entertainment, most people can afford it and basic non-cable channels have a good variety of shows. People rush home and skip important events such as class. Watching the occasional program can be a good source of relaxation. It used to be that dinner was a meal eaten in the dinning room with the family present. Society's dirty little secret is that they watch television when they know they should be doing something else. This takes up a massive amount of space in the brain. Television contributes to trends of violence, crime, and drug increases. Family values are changing as a result of the popularity of television.


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