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Family Do one-parent families have a meaning the same way as traditional families? Do they serve the traditional functions of the family? Traditional families consist of two parents, a mother and a father, with however many children. All members of this family tend to live under the same roof but with the children often having rooms of their own; their own personal space. Roles of this family would be mostly for the parents to fulfil for their children. Offer formal education, supply food, protection, support and comfort. In my opinion, removing one parent from the scenario does not alter the roles of the remaining guardian, however, more responsibility may be required on their part. Continue...

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After all, it is still a family but not what most would class as a 'traditional' unit. If any scenario were fail then it would be a mother raising her son(s) for reasons mentioned above. This is due to the fact that they still supply the aforementioned food, protection, support and comfort. One-parent families still have exactly the same meaning as a traditional family. Sons may also grow to love their mothers immensely because they were solely raised by them. Fathers would also find it awkward once his daughter(s) begin puberty, for obvious reasons. On the other-hand, there are single mothers. Since the son has no father figure to look up to or confidently confide in, they may be tempted to lead a life of crime. Raising either boys or girls will also affect this. However, if the mother consistently shows her support, then there should be no problem. Fathers raising daughters has the potential to be not quite as successful. The 'daddy's little girl' scenario may come into play resulting in the 'daddy' over-compensating for the lack of a mother by spoiling them. Much like fathers and sons, mothers and daughters would be successful. Mothers raising sons could be disastrous.


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