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Schizophrenia is a very serious brain disorder that affects about two percent of the world’s population; usually developing in a person by the time they reach twenty-five years old. It varies in its symptoms severity and extent from person to person and interferes with an individual's ability to think and feel.. People normally experience unusual thoughts, hallucinations and delusions, and difficulty expressing themselves clearly. Contrary to the associated misconceptions with schizophrenia, has nothing to do with a "split personality". The precise cause of schizophrenia remains unknown though most experts believe that people may inherit a vulnerability to develop the illness if it has a history in the family. It is also believed that certain brain abnormalities are a source of its foundation. These normally c Continue...

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Schizophrenic patients face an ongoing struggle to distinguish what is their fantasy from what is real. Dopamine, a chemical found in the brain, is usually abnormally high in the brain of a schizophrenia person. On some occurrences they are disturbed by seeing, smelling or feeling things that others do not. In the severe phases of schizophrenia, patients insist they are hearing voices that no one else can hear. Hallucinations are false perceptions that affect the senses and cause sufferers to hear, see, taste, touch or smell what is not real. "Word salads is a phrase that is often connected with schizophrenia, which a group of words that is put together at random by the patient, but that is unexplainable to the people around the speaker. onsist of chemical imbalances andor either very high or low numbers of neurotransmitters that are present in the patient's brain. Symptoms that affect a person with schizophrenia most always interrupt their lives and ability to think plainly. These thought processes make it difficult to interpret what is actually trying to be relayed in words. Hallucinations are a very evident sign of schizophrenia and occur a majority of the time in patients. Schizophrenics often change the subject or bring up completely unrelated topics at random. Anger also develops when they are told that others do not witness the noises or sights. These hallucinations create a sense of paranoia in the patient, which makes not only the stress level, but the disorder as well, worsens. The first is Positive Symptoms and the second is Negative Symptoms.


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