Western Influence is destroying Indian Culture

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The word CULTURE has been derived from a French word CULTURA which means to cultivate, to till, to grow. Therefore culture is a process of growth through the means of education, discipline, training etc.. Western and Indian cultures are diametrically opposed. The reason for this is that western culture is based on the principles of MATERIALISM, whereas Indian culture is based on the tenets and principles of SPIRITUALISM. Materialism stands for worldly possessions, wealth, canons of economics, material gains etc., whereas spiritualism stands for moral values, ethics, scruples, virtues and the power to distinguish between right and wrong, between good and evil, between correct and incorrect etc. It is essential to have material possessions in this world. It is a source of sustenance. It is a must to have economic advancement and liberalisation alongwith globalisation. Scientific advancement is another sphere where India as a country needs to deve Continue...

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Technological development is essential for India today. With the advent of cable TV and the Internet, urban India is very well connected with the rest of the world and is abreast with the latest happenings and goings on. A generation gap is often mentioned by the younger generation while referring to the older generation. From the west some people come to India and head for the Himalayas in search of spiritual gurus to attain solace. The western influence of materialism seems to have infiltrated into our family system, specially in the urban areas. The older generation are referred to as the past, little realising that there is no future without a past. They do not realise that the older generation are a generation ahead. As yet Indian culture has held its own, but the western influence of materialism is destorting the fabric of our culture which is spiritualism. The cradle of culture in India is the family system. Slowly this concept is being eroded by the western principles of materialism. Fellowship and brotherhood of man is an essential part of India culture. History has been witness to it that whenever man in the pursuit of material gains has deviated from the path of righteousness, the path of moral values, ethics and scruples, he has had to reevaluate himself and find his Raison d'etre, his basic reason for existance in this world, and to attain mental peace and satisfaction, he has had to reestablish his faith in the path of righteousness and the basic principles of spiritualism. Love and affection for youngsters and respect for elders seems to have become the exception rather than the rule.


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