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Part one of Lords of Discipline is the story of Will McLean growing up and learning what it really means to be an honorable man. He began the book as one person: a young, naive cadet in his senior year who used humor to keep everyone from seeing how troubled he was. The book ends with Will as a wholly different person due to catastrophic events that happened during the course of his final year at the Carolina Military Institute. Will endured the “plebe year” at the Institute, he fell in love with a pregnant girl, uncovered a well-hidden misuse of power in the Institute and because of that discovery, suffered the death of a close friend and the loss of many other people he thought he could trust. All these events contribute in different ways to Will becoming an honorable man. Will enrolled in the Institute because his father, on his deathbed, made him promise to graduate from the Institute, just as he had. He went on a basketball scholarship, unaware of the brutal initiation required for all freshman. Within the first minute of him arriving at registration, he was beaten and humiliated by upperclassmen. Then, he and the rest of his class were subjected to physical and mental torture whenever and wherever possible. They were afr Continue...

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In the midst of all the turmoil around him, Will managed to survive, and even make some friends. During that same time, Will met a young pregnant girl. Will met with Colonel Reynolds, an English teacher from the Institute to discuss his suspicions about the bad things going on at his school. Dante Pignetti, a poor, muscled Italian from New York, Mark Santoro, a loyal Yankee, and Tradd St. Her mother hid her from everyone to avoid the scandal of an unwed pregnant girl. Even though he detested the Institute, he remained there to follow through with the promise he made to his father. aid to use the bathroom, so they used the sinks in their rooms. He promised to write an accurate history of the school. Then he found out that the baby was born dead, the umbilical cord had strangled it. Mark, Pig, and Will found Molligen and kidnapped him to find out more information about The Ten. It sounded like another of the clues that were steadily adding to Will"tms suspicion of the integrity of the school. He also found out that Tradd was the father of Annie Kate"tms baby, and that he had shunned her and put her to shame. When he arrived there, he found s basement window to look in. He would always love her, but he knew he would find another.


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