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Imagine a place where there are more kinds of plants and animals than anyone has ever seen, a place filled with mysteries and marvels, surprising sights and strange sounds. Such a place really exists. It is called a tropical rainforest, and it is found in many countries around the world. Tropical rainforests are where you come across armies of ants, bird-eating spiders, giant earthworms, and squawking parrots, along with snakes gliding through the air. How exciting it would be to explore. Such a thing could only be possible that is, if there are any tropical rain forests left to explore on earth! Many people all over the world believe that the tropical rainforests are in danger of being destroyed. Deforestation is a major global problem with serious consequences to the planet. The consequences of deforestation have negative effects on the climate, biodiversity, and the atmosphere, along with threatening the cultural and physical survival of indigenous peoples. The effects are too great to continue destroying the forests. These implications as a result have encouraged public outcry. Concerns have since grown to include other forest types as well. Congress has considered a variety of legislation to stem the tide of inc Continue...

Deforestation: Tropical Forests in Decline. reasing deforestation and the United States has supported a number of bilateral and multilateral initiatives to assist other countries in managing their forest resources. To consider the recommendations of the review team, the TFAP co-founders the FAO, WRI, the World Bank, and the UNDP convened a "high level meeting in Geneva in April 1991. The plan had also been targeted for being unrealistic in its approach to forest problems and dictatorial in its formulation and implementation. Some of these issues include them failing to address the root causes of deforestation, failing to address the policy issues, along with them directing too little attention and money to conservation schemes and protected area management. They play a special role in preserving the biodiversity that we have along with being the home to 70 of the world's plants and animals- approximating about 13 million distinct species. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). It has generated national level attention to forest issues and has often brought them to the attention of decision makers at high levels. Public recognition of the scale of implications of deforestation gradually took hold in the 1970's. Forests serve a convenient role as well in times of drought and famine when conventional agricultural crops have failed.