Bios For Loveline

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Bios Adam Carolla is the “funny guy” behind Westwood One’s Loveline. Adam Carolla and co-host Dr. Drew Pinsky dispense their original style of humor and advice on love, romance and relationships. In December 1996, Carolla and his co-host, Dr. Drew Pinsky, took their successful radio program to MTV and last year they published their advice on a myriad of subjects in their first book entitled The Dr. Drew and Adam Book: A Survival Guide to Life and Love. Adam Carolla can also be seen on Comedy Central’s The Man Show, with Jimmy Kimmel of Win Ben Stein’s Money. For Carolla, becoming qualified to discuss issues surrounding matters of the heart in a fun yet sincere manner is a combination of upbringing and a good sense of timing. His father is a psychologist, and his 82-year-old grandmother is a sex ther Continue...

Drew continues to maintain his medical practice while co-hosting Loveline on the radio and television. Drew spends time speaking to high school and college students and enjoying opera, a passion for which he has trained for several years. from the USC School of Medicine, Dr. Fifteen years ago, during his fourth year at Medical School, Dr. Drew and the station brass who brought him onto Loveline to add a few laughs. Drew currently resides in Southern California with his wife, Susan, and their seven-year-old triplets. Carolla has a simple philosophy: "Figure out what you wanna do, then take a nap. Birchum, the Shop Teacher, which he brought to the KROQ-FM morning show in Los Angeles. Drew was eventually awarded the position of Chief Resident at a USC facility. Drew began his second career in late-night radio when he volunteered to co-host a Los Angeles radio show. To perfect his timing, Carolla spent years training with the famous Groundling's and ACME Improv groups in Los Angeles. An experienced carpenter and boxing instructor, Carolla developed the character "Mr.