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Obedience Blindly obeying authority often results In disobedience to one’s personal morality. Since rules were established and exist for the common interests of the general population, some would say adhering to the rules is obedient. Contrary to popular belief, disobedience does not center around ignorant rebellion. In fact disobedience is the manner which people shed enlightenment on the well-traveled trail of benightedness, by offering another point of view. In “The Lottery”, by Shirley Jackson, a fictional town is introduced in which all the villagers participate annually in a lottery used to determine which inhabitant is to be stoned to death; performed out of habit, it demonstrates ritualized unthinking obedience to custom. Moreover, in “Group Minds”, Dorris Lessing asserts that a lack of awareness of the extent to which groups mitigate a person’s individuality makes that person susceptible to the pressures of groups. Using the threat of world total destruction as a backdrop, Erich Fromm’s “Disobedience as a Psychological and Moral Problem” distinguishes between disobedience that is destructive and disobedience that is life affirming. Lessing and Fromm have different analysis of obedience when it c Continue...

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Tessie accepts her role in society, up to a point. Wiping her hands on her apron and apologizing for being late by saying, " Wouldn"tmt have me leave m"tmdishes in the sink, now would you. Fromm best explains the humanistic conscience when he says:"the humanistic conscience;this is the voice present in every human being"and is based on the fact that as human beings we have an intuitive knowledge of what is conductive of life and what is destructive. In her essay titled "Group Minds", Doris Lessing also deals with the important issue of obedience and group pressure. (334)Compliance and obedience are necessary for any society to function,but in order for a society to grow and evolve,as it must, the individual members must willingly face public disapproval and censure,paying the price brought on themselves by asserting their thoughtful obedience when their society takes a wrong turn. Therefore,he has to "obey the atmosphere". Therefore, he was the major authority in the house. Lessing argues that a human is a social animal and with that, comes social pressures and authoritative figures. Because the "hardest thing in the world is to stand out against one"tms group, a group of one"tms peers" (334), we need bravery in order to disobey, but the capacity for bravery relies on our state of development. The father"tms role in the village was to work and earn money, tutor his children, and set rules in the house. The stoning of Tessie Hutchinson reflects one pattern of obedience. It is significant that she has just come from washing her dishes which is one of the most basic jobs of housework. omes to the stoning of Tessie Hutchinson and the fatherson relationship in "The Lottery". Moreover, Dorris Lessing would assert that Bobby did obey his father because he belongs to a major and essential group which is his family where his father stand as the highest authority and the leader.


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