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“Why should we choose you? What makes you different?” Everyone is asked this question more than once in their lifetime. No matter whether it’s to get a job or to get accepted into the college of your choice. Once ask some may stutter, some may think, and others just might tell a fib to make them look like the best person for the job or school. This speculated question has been dropped on me. I will neither stutter, contemplate, nor tell a fib. I will simply be honest on why you should allow me admittance into your college. You should allow me admittance into your college because I am a hard working student; I never leave a task unfinished, and I’m very competitive. Firsthand, I know that every college hears from all the applies that they are hard working students all the time. What makes me saying that different is because I can not only talk the talk, but I can also walk the walk. My credentials back up my story. Also if you were to talk to every single teache Continue...

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I will complete it as soon as I get it. That was the only thing I did for whole week. That's how I can guarantee that I will not be put on academic probation. I've cover three of my best assets to the best of my abilities and in great detail for you. It has to do with college everything. I'm most competitive about my grades. No matter how big or small a task is I will not leave it undone or put it off. I'm the type of person that I hate leaving anything unfinished. In conclusion, I hope that I've answered that "Why You question as best as you see fit. That no matter what it was I was doing that I never gave up or walk away from it. That's just the type of person that I am.


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