Black Boy

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In Richard Wright’s autobiographical novel, Black Boy, Richard’s success in life as an African American, growing up in the South, is due to his morals and the strong support of his family. Initially, Richard’s morals prevents him from making poor choices in life. Secondly, the support of Richard’s family enables him to succeed in the South. Morals and family support help Richard accomplish many things in his life. To begin with, Richard’s morals help him to make the right choices while living in the South. Richard is against stealing even when he knew that all his friends were stealing. While thinking of ways to make money Richard realized that almost everyone he knew is stealing things and he has “[...] never stolen a penny from anyone. Even hunger had never driven [Richard] to appropriate what was not [Richard] own. The mere idea of stealing had been repugnant” (199). One of Richard’s most important morals is about stealing. His strong opposition to stealing makes people comfortable around him. Secondly, Richard likes to do things himself instead of depending on oth Continue...

When he is moved to his Uncle's house, without resistance, it shows the willingness of the family to take care of each other. After moving into another house Bess, the daughter of the person Richard is living with, invites him to eat with them: "You can eat with us anytime you like, Bess said. Uncle Edward came from Caters, Mississippi. Also, Richard's family provides him with financial support when he needs it most. The first way his family helps him is by providing Richard with a place to live. This moral allows him to keep jobs that he has. Uncle Clark came from Greenwood, Mississippi. These morals help Richard many times in his life and are very important to his success in the south. Finally, Richard is honest and does not lie.


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