Babe Ruth

             George Herman Ruth, better known as the Babe, has been considered one of the most gifted and popular men to ever play the game of baseball. Babe Ruth belonged to the Golden Age of Sport, one of the various names that dominated the roaring twenties. According to Robert Creamer, author of Babe: The Legend Comes to Life, “for more than any other man, Babe Ruth transcended sports, moved far beyond the artificial limits of baselines and outfield fences and sports pages.” (Schwartz, 2001)
             George Herman Ruth was considered to be just another ordinary kid; however, that idea would be challenged today taking into account that by the age of seven he was involved in numerous altercations with the law. Babe was classified as “incorrigible”; and as a result custody of Babe was signed over to Xaverian Brothers Orphanage. As if that wasn’t bad enough for Babe, his parents and family never came to visit him. Brother Mathias was the main disciplinarian at the orphanage; he and Babe spent a lot of time together. Brother Mathias became the father figure that Babe never had. He is not only responsible for setting Babe straight and providing the guidance and support that Babe did not receive from his parents, but Brother Mathias is also credited with introducing Babe to the game of baseball. A move that would prove to be very helpful for the Babe in later life. (The Official 1)
             Babe displayed a great talent for the game at a young age. He could play every position in the field. He showed greatest ability as a pitcher. As for hitting, Babe was a natural. He had a superb ability to drive the ball. By his late teens, Babe was a major league prospect. (The Official 1)
             Jack Dunn, the manager of the minor league Baltimore Orioles, showed great interest in Babe. This interest resulted in Babe signing a contract with the Baltimore Orioles; however, Babe was under the age of 21, he was required to remain in...

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