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Lab report on Paper Chromatography

  • Word Count: 1110
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1. Abstract-Hypothesis page 2
2.Background information page 3
3. Materials and constituents page 5
4. Procedure page 6
5. Results page 8
6. Error analysis page 11
7. Conclusion page 12

1. Abstract-Hypothesis

The purpose of this lab report is to explain what exactly happened to the labs, the time that the experiment was executed and apply the results and conclusions that were deduced. Also, specify the errors that might have happened during the execution of the experiment.

In the following experiment is going to be proved that a paper can separate a mixture of colours and that every colour reacts with a different way when put onto the paper strip.

2.Background Information

Chromatography is the name given to a method, which is very widely used for the separation of mixtures of chemicals and biochemicals, that depends on how fast a substance moves in a stream of gas or liquid past a stationary material to which the substance may be slightly attracted.
Chromatography serves mainly as a tool for the examination and separation of mixtures of chemical substances. Chromatography is using a flow of solvent or gas to cause the components of a mixture to migrate differently from a narrow starting point in a specific medium. It is used for the purification and isolation of various substances. A chromatographically pure substance is the result of the separation. Because purification of substances is required to determine their properties, chromatography is an indispensable tool in the sciences concerned with chemical substances and their reactions.
Chromatography is also used to compare and describe chemical substances. The chromatographic sequence of sobbed substances is related to their atomic and molecular structures. A change in a chemical substance produced by a chemical or biologic...

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