The language of headlines

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The language of the newspapers is quite special and the writer of a certain article should be really careful in choosing the right word or phrase. In England the quality papers appeared before the tabloids, which where to satisfy the reader¢s demand for less exacting reading matter. Broadsheets are quality papers which include long information articles and editorial comments, comparatively few illustrations. Thei main aim is to provide readers with comprehensive coverege and analysis of the international and national news of the day. They use a serious tone formal a wide vocabulary and standard English. The best selling quality papers are “The Daily Telegraph”, “The Times “, “The Guardian”. Tabloids are printed in half broadsheet size, called also “popular press” They contain short articles and lots of photos. The language of the headlines can be analysed from many points of view: lexically, gramatically and stylistically. Headline language is elliptical and compressed.It is very important for the readers to study and to understand Continue...

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The role of the headlines is mainly that of offering the chance to the reader to choose . As we all know there is a close connection between the press, the reader and the events . Analysing the vocabulary of headlines we can observe a dominant characteristic which is brevity ,a clear condition of any headline. For example,we can have headlines as:"DEATHS DOC IN SICK JOKE ABOUT ASHES" , "BRIT OZONE WHOLE SHOCK" ,"WEB OF DECEIT ","SLY S WIFE FURY " ,"ROAD DUEL MAN JAILED ", "WE RE UNITED IN HOPE " . Headlines can sometimes be puzzling and difficult to understand because of the use of uncommon words or abbreviations or because of cultural allusions and plays on words. We can also use imperatives and infinitives in order to involve the reader in the problem dealt with :"LOOK FIRST TO BE KLERK ". the headlines in order to be able to interpret them and to make a certain selection of what they read. . Most of them are written in a straightforward style not very difficult and their function is mostly informative. In the language of headlines we can remark the gramatical flexibility of words,cliches and specific set phrases which have a strong impact on the reader. Word choice often results in an exaggeration of the meaning;short,snappy and rhyming words are prefered. We can also have interesting combination of words in the headline that give an interesting interpretation of the real message shown or meant in the title "SINGER STEVIE IN WONDER OP HOPE TO END BLINDNESS ". Unpleasant realities are called by suggestive words:jailred, ashes . Short words are prefered not only because of the space but because of their strong connotations and dramatic meaning,and also the sensationalism of the news . Headlines usually stimulate the interest of the reader for the content of the article.


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