Heart of Darkness

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Is the lie that Marlow tell Kurtz’s ‘intended’, that is, his fiancé, a good thing or a bad? Does Marlow’s lie help to preserve some light from the events he describes or does it merely perpetuate or even deepen their darkness. The book Heart of Darkness, written by Joseph Conrad exposes darkness, by exploring the negative side of imperialism. This was obtained by narrating Marlow’s trip (Marlow is the main character who narrates the story) to the Congo River while it was in time of conflict because of the nature of imperialism, “The Heart of Darkness”. He worked as a steamboat’s captain for a Belgian ivory company. In his trip he encounters one of the company’s agents, Mr. Kurtz, in the center of the dark jungle. Talents fulfilled Mr. Kurtz. He was a great speaker, a good painter, an awesome editor, and he even knew how to deal with money. Unfortunately Mr. Kurtz was mortally ill by the time of Marlow’s visit. Marlow admired Mr. Kurt although he made atrocities in this time of darkness in the Congo River. His admiration mostly didn’t have anything to do with Kurt’s’ perfect management of the art of rhetoric or any other talent, but he admired Kurt’s’ willingness he had to fight the darkness of Continue...

When Marlow said the "white" lie to Kurt"tms Fiance, he knew that this was no help. This cruel reality would only hurt her, keeping her few good memories of Kurt in an extreme darkness. 72), because then, she would fall in to the cruel reality. If nobody knows about this, nobody will comprehend this and if nobody comprehends it nobody will fight against it. Darkness is all that is the unknown, that is evil, that is sad, and that is hurtful; therefore, darkness represented as the unknown, then a lie intensifies darkness, because it is a mystery to the person who thinks the true is another. Marlow kept her memories enlighten; however, this only incremented the darkness around. It would have been too dark, too dark altogether"" (pg. This states that actually no darkness was defeated. Don"tmt you understand that I loved him, I loved him"(pg. Marlow realized this in conversation he had with her. Everywhere in the world darkness has been represented as something not good, like lies, like hypocrisy and even death. An instant before Kurt"tms"tm death Kurt realized all the evil he had done; therefore, his last word in agony were, "The Horror, the Horror".