Christian Views On Abortion

             Human life is a serious subject. But there are still debates on when it begins. Does it begin at the moment of conception? Or maybe life begins when the heart starts pumping, or when the brain starts to think. Some will even say that life does not start until birth. So if life has not started yet, it is no crime to take the developing fetus out of a mother’s womb and destroy it. Many people, their side being called pro-choice, agree with this idea, but there are still groups of people who disagree with it. This group, also called pro-life, thinks that life begins at conception or soon after. These two sides are always coming up with new ways to prove their opinion, but it often seems like a never ending war.
             There are many different ways that doctors perform abortions. These doctors must take note of how long the mother has been pregnant, and how much the baby has developed. The literal definition of abortion is, according to the Universal Standard Encyclopedia, “The expulsion from the womb of a human fetus before it is capable of independent life.”
             In 1973, the Supreme Court decided to make abortions legal. Today, abortions can be performed at any stage of birth, including moments before birth. Before 1973, however, abortions were illegal. In law, it was the criminal termination of a pregnancy at any time before full term. If the procedure killed the mother, it was considered murder.
             There is still much at risk for both the doctor and the mother, so the doctor must decide what the best course of action is in the situation. If the fetus in a very early stage, the doctor can perform a Menstrual Extraction, where a long tube with a knife on the end is hooked up to a pump and the fetus is chopped up and sucked out into a bag. Then the doctor will cut the placenta out and the scraps are sucked out into a bottle (Abortion TV). There are many other ways to perform early abortions, but the one above is the mo...

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