Roanoke, Jamestown, and Plymouth Colonies

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In the 16th century France, Spain, Portugal, and other European countries sent out explorers to establish settlements and explore for goods to take back for their country. England starting to see their enemies grow stronger with goods such as gold ore, lumber, and slaves. To start bringing more wealth and power to England, Queen Elizabeth I started to send out expeditions to form settlement in the Americas. The first venture was the Roanoke colony later referred to as “The Lost Colony”. Unfortunately the Roanoke colony was unsuccessful, but the next two colonies (Jamestown and Plymouth) were successful although each had their problems that the colonist had to overcome. In 1576 Sir Humphrey Gilbert promoted his idea of a short passageway to China and to setup a colony in Newfoundland. The Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth I, agreed with his idea. She gave Sir Gilbert exclusive rights to proceed with his plan. After his death Walter Raleigh, his half-brother, was also giving a patent for the same idea. The colony of Roanoke was suppose to be a colony where the English could attack the Spanish shipping, hunt for good, and convert the Indians to Protestant Christianity. All attempts failed. The relations with the Indians Continue...

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The supplies were running low and the backup support never arrived. William Bradford, governor of the Plymouth colony, recalled that many of the pilgrims had some trouble with the wilderness and were in despair or died. Aboard the ship they ran into a supply ship coming to their aid. When he returned to Roanoke in 1590 he found the site deserted. With all the money to be made, the use of slaves was brought into Jamestown and America. The London Company colonized the Chesapeake Bay. Suddenly Jamestown became labor poor. James Stuart succeeded her as ruler. The Indians did not want to support the settlers and could not. The Plymouth Company went north to Maine but returned in 1608 do to little supplies, dieses, and death. The settlers agreed to send White back to England for some supplies and to leave a message for him if they moved. With no money and no supplies the few that were left boarding a ship to head back home. Reluctantly they turned back for Jamestown. All attempts of growing a cash crop fail. No one knows what really happened the settlers but they would be forever known as "The Lost Colony.