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Judging new people is easy to do, but actually getting to know someone for who they really are is a challenge that not many people are willing to take on. There have always been people that have judged me because I wear Cinch jeans and cowboy boots, but they really do not know that the reason I wear these clothes is because I work with horses after school. I have always wondered why these people judge me when they don’t know me at all. Why do they have to look down on me because I dress different than they do? I have thought about this a lot and I have come to the conclusion that people judge me because they are uncomfortable with me being different from them, they don’t want to take the time to get to know me, and they may think I don’t like them because I Continue...

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I"tmm not worried about these people opinions because if I spent all my life worrying about what other people thought, I would have a pretty dull life. If they were to see me in my wrangler or cinch jeans, it makes them very uncomfortable because they have never been around that. Not many people are comfortable with the way I dress because they aren"tmt usually around very many people that dress different like I do. For example people have been walking along the hall on their lunch time and they"tmve seen me sitting on the bench by myself eating lunch, instead of stopping to talk or introduce themselves, they keep on walking to so they can spend as much time with their girlfriendboyfriend as possible during the break. This is difficult for me because I have to work extra hard, to try and get the message to them that there"tms more to a person than appearance. Instead of taking five minutes to come over and say hi or see what I am up to or introduce themselves. So in the end, these people don"tmt like how I am different from them, they don"tmt want feel it is worth their time to get to know me and they might think I don"tmt like them because I dress like a "cowboy". Not only are a lot of people uncomfortable with the way I dress, but they also don"tmt seem to want to see past the way I dress and get to know me. That is what everybody in the big city of LA only wears Tommy Hilfiger jeans. For example maybe they have grown up in the city and they have only worn Tommy Hilfiger jeans. These people can think whatever they want because I know who I am and I am happy with the way that I am. I don"tmt get the chance to meet new people just because they aren"tmt interested with my apperance. It fustrating that I don"tmt fit their trend and they don"tmt except me as a normal person.


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