Why sky is high?

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Why Sky Is So High? Long time ago sky was quite low. if you stand on a stool and stretch your hand as far as you an, you could touch the sky. At that time, on he horizon, where the sky was especially low, there was a small village. In that village there was an old woman living in her hut. The hut was made with straws and mud. that woman was the oldest woman in the world. She had no friends or family. Because they all were died and she was the only one left. She was living all alone with her bent and old body. She had no where to go but her hut and no one to talk to. So all day long she would clean her hut. First that corner then that, after that that wall and this. She would spent all her day making her hut clean from inside and outside. One hot summer, the land was so dry that all the water in that village was dry. people’s throats were dry with the thirst. The dust from dry land Continue...

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There are lots of religions in the India. The dirt got into its eyes and made sky cry. She swept and swept her little hut with her old broom filled with dust. They are different kinds of people ,too. So from that day sky is so far that nobody can"tmt touch him. Their religious believes are different also because there is not only one God. After long time, the sky couldn"tmt take it any more. She threw her broom at sky as hard as she could. Those heavy drops from sky"tms eye became rain and fell on land. People were crying form the dust in their eyes. Even sky was coughing and sneezing with that dirt, blown into the air by the wind because it was too low. The hut started melting down because it was made out of mud. So she hitting the sky with her broom.


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