Playing god

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On February 24, 1997, scientists at the Roslin Institute in Edinburg, England announce that they had cloned an adult mamal for the first time. This was just one of many blind leaps in science that humanity has made. As we race foward in our descisions to create life, we negelct to look at the concequences of our actions. In addition to eliminating genetic diversity, cloning is religiously and ethically wrong. First before I start I should define what exactly a clone is. Grolier’s encyclopedia defines a clone as a decendant produced asexually from a single animal or plant. Asexually, as in natural. What we define as cloning is no more than mechanical reproduction. We create identical copies of organisms as the means to an end. We want to genetically create the perfect pig, one that yeilds delicious meat, never gets sick and conforms to all of our needs. We want to do that over and over, thousands upon thousands of identical copies. All without looking at the concequences. Identical animals lack diversity. All of them could die from a single plauge because there is no chance of one of them having an immunity. One example of this was the Irish potatoe famine of the early 19th century. The lower class Irish relied on a single var Continue...

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In reality, it is wrong for humans to clone anything, including humans, when we have all we need to procreate and survive in each other. Before I speak of ethics, I must first define them. Not only would this put hundreds or thousands out of jobs but we would revert back to days of the south where owning a person was just like having another tractor. To keep it simple I will use a five year old's definition. As we race foward with technology and make advances without question, we have to ask ourselves; Is what we are dooing right When a species begins to tinker with the ways of nature it seals its own fate. Anything that does not make one feel good is unethical, but may not be illegal. Let's say for example that a child learns he or she was a clone. The bible states that God essentially cloned Eve, as he wanted to create a woman and a wife for Adam. Everything has a reason, and only God know what that is. Unethical matters one time could become ethical later on if we could justify the need or have use of them. After all hindsight is always 2020 . Ethics can be twisted and warped to your liking if you can find a perfectly fine reason to do so. The gradual evolution, survival of the fittest, nature has set this up for a reason. The cloning science is exact, whereas the ethics part of it is subjective.


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