Ramadan...The Art of Fasting

             Ramadan, the holiest month of the year according to Islam, is without a doubt
             described by many muslims as the hardest month of the year. Although the intentions of
             Ramadan are to fast for thirty rigorous days for Allah (god), the reason that muslims fast
             is because the month of Ramadan is believed to be the month when the holy Quran was
             sent from heaven to our prophet Muhammed. From then, the Quran has guided muslims
             through war when they desperately needed help. (Similar to how the Trojans depended
             on Apollo to guide them through war against the Greeks).
             Now, thirty days may seem hard, but it's actually ridiculously harder than most
             people think. Although the outcome of Ramadan is to acheive purity, to concentrate on
             faith, and to lose a of weight (the last one was a joke), people who fast just can't help
             thinking how they're going to get through their day without eating that Big Mac they
             normally have for lunch. People spend their entire year eating junk food, that when
             Ramadan rolls around the corner, so does bad karma.
             During the month of Ramadan, muslims must fast everyday for thrirty days from
             sunrise to sunset on the ninth month of the muslim calender. For a person who is fasting
             from sunrise to sunset, it is forbidden to eat or any kind of food or to drink any kind of
             liquids, to have any kind of sexual pleasures, to smoke, to curse and to gossip. Seeing as
             how a lot of people spend most of of their days doing all of the above, it makes life quite
             difficult knowing you can't live life to it's fullist until the sun slowly sets every night on
             However, when the sun finally sets, people are ecstatic knowing that not only are
             they about to eat their first meal of the day, it's a pretty decent meal at that. Muslims feast
             on anything from turkey to roast beef, with mashed potatoes, corn, kabab, fatoosh (arabic

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