Discrimination Against Japanese During WW2

             Asians in North America are discriminated for any reason people can find. From
             Japanese and Chinese began immigrating to North America during the mid-
             1800’s and were a great target of cheap labour. Working anywhere from farm fields to
             factories and being paid barely anything to keep them alive.
             Discrimination laws passed during the early 1900’s that denies the right of
             Japanese to become citizens, to own land, or to marry outside of their race. In some
             certain areas they could not buy land or get jobs in certain industries. Also there kids
             In 1924 immigration from Japan was stopped. By September of 1939 America cut
             down its sales of iron and oil to Japan making heightened tensions between America and
             On December 7,1941 Japan bombed Pearl Harbour, Hawaii. The next day
             America declared war on Japan wasting no time. Japans attack on Pearl Harbour was so
             devastating, it even shocked Japanese Americans. Then Americas started to think that
             Japanese-Americas were telling there home country of Japan valuable facts about the
             U.S.A that no other country was suppose to know. For example like the next time they
             So America took initiative and started doing house roundups and search or arrest
             warrants. After the Japanese where arrested they where taken to unknown destinations,
             and treated as prisoners of war. Over 110,000 Japanese Americans were rounded up and
             kept at many destinations but mostly camps.
             From March 24 to November 3,1942, the mass removal of Japanese Americans
             from the west coast took place over eight months. Japanese Americans had no charges
             brought against them, there was no hearing, they did not know where they were going,
             how long they would be detained, what conditions they would face, nor what would

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