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"If the children are untaught, their ignorance and vices will in future life cost us much dearer in their consequences than it would have done in their correction by a good education"- Thomas Jefferson. This quote implies that there is no freedom without education which is what I honestly believe. One of the most important sources of education come from what we learn in school. If the children do not get proper schooling, how can this apply to them? If I were principal of a high school, and were given the opportunity to develop the students' curriculum, rules of behaviour and criteria for promotion, I would do everything as fairly as possible, so nothing is prejudiced against anyone. In the following paragraphs, I have given my recommendations about what I think would make a good school system. Before I try to change the attitudes of my students, I would make sure that I have a competent, cooperartive, yet a caring team of teachers who have a good background and record of teaching in their subjects. They will need to have the ability to change teaching based on what does and does not work in the class. They should be open-minded, tolerant and patient. They will need to be able to handle any situation they encounter Continue...

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When the students arrive newly to high school, around grade 9 and even 10, I will make sure they get more of the academic subjects such as Math, English, Science and Geography so that they are oriented in those areas before they make any further decisions. For this reason, I will try to properly divide the curriculum between the theoretical and practical aspects of learning, as well as a good portion of the curriculum time going towards physical education and or the arts. Students apart from academic work need some extra-curricular activities so that life will seem more colourful and meaningful. I firmly believe that students have a right to come to school eager to learn without having to fear that they will be in danger. They will be our future teachers, doctors, nurses, lawyers and maybe even our prime ministers. These students will be the leaders of tomorrow. The students would be required to complete the necessary courses with passing grades in all subjects. Harassment, be it physical or verbal, would be totally unacceptable. The students would be expected to respect others and their property. The criteria for promotion would be very straightforward. Not everyone dreams of becoming a scientist, doctor or a lawyer when they grown up. Such activities include chess, drama, debating, art, computer programming, and especially leadership and environmental clubs.


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