My Identity as a Product of Socialization

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Prior to registering for this Sociology course I had never really given any serious thought to what the development of Socialization entailed. After having read the Chapter on Socialization I find it very fascinating when I think about all the different processes that need to take place in order for one to become a functioning “socialized” member of society. In the paragraphs to follow I will give explanation to what I believe have thus far contributed to my “socialized identity”. Beginning in infancy through roughly 5 years of age there were numerous agents of socialization in my life that include the following: my mother, father, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and church nursery attendants, all of whom I interacted with on a daily to weekly basis. The primary agents were my mom and dad. I grew up in a traditional urban, middle-class family for the 1970’s, which translates to the fact that my parents were a married, loving couple who took great pride in the task of raising me and instructing me as to what was considered acceptable and was deemed unacceptable in their eyes. My mom and dad played the largest role in the initial steps of my primary socialization, as they were the ones who were the main factors Continue...

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My father had a college education and was employed outside the home for a local bank as a computer programmer. Even though my religious upbringing looked unfavorably upon cohabitating before marriage I talked over my moral dilemma of wanting to be independent and self-sufficient but not feeling ready to be married with my parents and they came to the conclusion that it was acceptable in their eyes providing me with great liberation. After graduating high school, I turned 18 and was determined that it was time to move away from home and into an apartment with my boyfriend of 2 years. The financial devastation of the divorce brought me no option other than to discontinue my educational pursuits and to return to work in order to be able to support my children with the determination that when I was able I would return to school to continue in my lifelong yearning to become a nurse. in my earliest socialization skills such as language and manner development. Upon returning from work, dad changed clothes and helped to keep me occupied while mom finished preparing dinner by setting me on his lap and reading me stories or take me into the back yard and playing games. On the other hand, if my behavior was not deemed to be socially acceptable in my mother's eyes, I would get be given a stern look and mean tone from her with the threat of "just wait until your father gets home from work. I babysat for several friends to supplement our income and tried to instill the same values and social expectations in my children and the children I was babysitting as my parents did in me. This was a great time for everyone to socialize about what had been going on in his or her lives over the past week. During this time in my life both the conventional and postconventional stages of moral development were at work. Transitioning back to work after my maternity leave wasn't easy but, financially speaking, it made the most sense. A financial struggle ensued a year later when I got divorced and found myself as a single mom raising two children with no financial means of supporting them. This impacted me to the extent that I would experience such apprehension about attending the nursery that sometimes mom would have to take me to the church service with her or, as I got older, just drop me off and let me cry until I adjusted to the new circumstances. The classes for my job continued and upon resigning five years later I had worked my way up to a much higher status of Purchasing Agent. In addition, I was notorious for putting on her shoes and purse and then proceeding to the front door; only to turn around and continually repeat the steps.


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