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Personal Goals

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Personal Goals

What I want to achieve as a UOP student.

I am currently employed as a Radiographer with Capital X-ray Services, a company

specializing in Industrial Radiography utilizing additional techniques in the form of

non-destruct testing. A radiographer uses gamma radiation as an exposure device to

produce images on film much like a flash on a camera. Industrial radiography is a

specialized field of non-destruct testing, a field in which one is able to see the defect the

material on film.

I currently hold an Associates of Occupational Studies in Welding Technology from

Tulsa Welding School. Other areas of non-destructive testing include eddy current,

ultrasonic, magnetic particles testing, x-radiation and gamma radiation. As part of

welding technology, the field of non-destructive testing continues to grow as technology

expands and technicians are hard to find based on education and training standards.

Academic achievement is ongoing due to newer technology in the field of non-destruct


A Bachelors of Science in Business Management from UOP will enable me to

continue my academic education and will allow me to achieve my goal as a Certified

Welding Inspector. Inspection is one field of endeavor that brings the office personnel

together with the shop personnel through knowledge, skill and attitude. If there is one


individual who is probably the most important person in the industry, manufacturing, and

technical knowledge-it’s the inspector. As I learned the art of master welding, I also

learned of the aspects involved in becoming a certified welding inspector.

An inspector is responsible for accepting or rejecting materials by applying applicable

code procedures based on ...

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