Cause of the Trojan war

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There are many incidents that precipitated the Trojan War. The Trojan war was fought by Greece and Troy. The Author of this story was Homer. Homer told many stories but the Trojan War was one of his more popular ones. This was a story full of battles, heroes, widows, death and victory. The cause of this war was not one particular incident. There are three main incidents that led to the Trojan War. The first incident that lead to the Trojan war was the bad omen over Paris’ life. Paris was a Prince. Paris was the son of Priam, who was the king of Troy. Priam’s prophetic daughter, Cassandra, prophesied that Paris would ultimately destroy Troy. When Priam sent his son off to Continue...

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    Greeks Mythology
    .... Helen of Troy's case however is seemingly different. Believed by many to be the cause, of the Trojan War, she is portrayed as somewhat a divine creature. .... (624 2 )

    Helen by Edgar Allen Poe vs. Helen by HD
    .... She writes that "All Greece hates/reviles/sees..." in a way that makes the reader feel that Greece blames Helen for the Trojan War, her beauty the sole cause. .... (620 2 )

    .... legal systems. In "Trojan Women," Helen is put on trial for being the cause of the Trojan War and all of it's destruction. Also, in .... (1744 7 )

    Cause and Effect
    .... effect. In the story the "Odyssey," there are many cause and effect relationships. .... For the first 10 tears, hes at the Trojan War. After .... (279 1 )

    Homer’s Glorification of War, the Disrespected Outcomes, and
    .... Even the initial cause of the war, Paris' kidnapping of Helen, a Greek woman, is a .... In the time of the Trojan War, there was an unwritten code of heroic conduct .... (999 4 )

One day he was approached by three goddesses and this is what lead to the main incident that caused the Trojan War. It just so happened that Menelaus the king of Sparta was away. Paris was then asked to go to Sparta as a diplomat. If Paris had not gone to Sparta none of this would have happened. be killed Paris was rescued by some shepherds. They told him he must decide which one of them was the most beautiful. These main incidents sparked smaller incidents that caused the Trojan War. Later as a young man Paris returned to Troy. Without that omen Paris would have never met the Goddesses, and without Paris being promised the most beautiful wife Helen would not have fallen in love with him, and without that trip to Sparta Paris would have never met Helen. Paris immediately fell in love with her. Menelaus had an extremely beautiful wife named Helen.


Aeschylus' Orestia Trilogy
Helen, mythologically reputed as the celebrated cause for the Trojan War, is initially referred to as "the bride of spears and blood" (688) and clearly linked (1548 6 )

Greco-Roman and Indian Epics
with Athene can be compared to Aeneas's attachment to Aphrodite/Venusùthe two goddesses' rivalry with Helen having been a cause of the Trojan War in the first (2587 10 )

Four Epics: Odyssey, Aeneid, Ramayana, and Mahabharata
with Athene can be compared to Aeneas's attachment to Aphrodite/Venusùthe two goddesses' rivalry with Helen having been a cause of the Trojan War in the first (2587 10 )

The Iliad
hurling down to the House of Death so many sturdy souls Homer framed his poetic chronicle of the Trojan War around the rage of Achilles: "its cause, its course (1765 7 )

The Iliad
of all wars, emphasizing the act itself and playing down its particular cause. age and authorship dealing with the events leading up to the Trojan war. (1809 7 )

Characterization of Andromache
In The Trojan Women, however, Hecuba bitterly blamed Helen as the cause of everyone's the means by which the glory of the two sides in the Trojan war will be (2209 9 )