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An Uncanny Attempt to Make a Perfect World?

“Here is your brand new beautiful baby boy,” “Number CODE 894277461 in the United States DNA Federal Database.” Seems like somewhat of a cold notion to consider that these are some of the first words the doctor delivering your baby might speak after his birth. However, with the ever growing technology and genetic know-how we see in the news today, it is certainly likely to assume that someday we will all be reduced to one national number. It may be something to chuckle about now, but to ignore the potential consequences of such a reality would be equivalent to that of sticking your head in a microwave. Stupid. Genetics and society are simply a twosome we cannot ignore. We are now actually able to extract DNA from a person and “file” it, in order to be used or viewed at a later date. Meaning, we can literally go into somebody’s body, take something out of him or her, and put it in a Rolodex. This being done in an effort to maintain anything from law enforcement databases to banking transactions. As insensitive as it is, that it is, is something that is certainly possible. The question to be asked; does that make it right? Would establishing a National Database of genetic DNA fingerprints, samples of genes who belonged to everyone with a US postal code, be ethically and socially right? No. Just because we have the technology to do so, doesn’t mean we have the understanding. ((((Plain and simple, don’t rely on something when un-informed when it comes to a life.))) DNA fingerprinting involves isolating the molecule from a cell, which is then treated with enzymes to break it into pieces. These are separated using an electric current, and the pattern of the separated fragments is used to compare samples. This so far, is about all we know for sure. If a database were established which consisted of a genetic “fingerprint”, or DNA sample of each and everyone of us, a bar code of our existence would be availab...

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