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Neodymium My element’s name is Neodymium. Neodymium was discovered in 1925 by C.F. Aver von Welsbach in Austria. This element got it’s name from the Greek words neos, which means new, and didymos, which means twin. Nd is the atomic symbol and it is in group IIIA, which is the rare earth elements or the Lanthanide Series. The price for Neodymium is about $1/g. Neodymium has a popularity of 16 out of 100. The atomic weight of Nd is 144.24 amu. It is white, yellow, or brown. It has a hexagonal shape. It has 60 Protons, 84 Neutrons, and 60 electrons. Neodymium’s melting point is 1010.0 °C, 1283. 15°K, and 1850.0°F. It’s boiling point is 3127.0°C, 3400.15°K, and 5660.6°F. Continue...

comwebelementselementstextNdkey. Neodymium is added to glass to remove the green color caused by iron contaminants. It is mostly used for making magnets. Neodymium salts are also used to color enamels and glazes in ceramics and for a special lens with praseodymium. The metal has a bright silvery metallic lustre. There is also a lot of Neodymium can be found in magnets and stained glass. It makes up about 18 of Misch metal, a material that is used to make flints for lighters. Neodymium may be obtained by separating neodymium salts from other rare earths by ion-exchange or solvent extraction techniques, and by reducing anhydrous halides such as NdF3 with calcium metal. Neodymium is never found in nature as a free element, it is found in ores monazite sand. Works Cited http:www. Other separation techniques are possible. Therefore, this the metal should be kept under light mineral oil or sealed in a plastic material. Neodymium is present in misch metal to the extent of about 18.