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Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Trudeau dominated the scene as no other prime minister did. He was the first prime mister of the “electronic age”. He advocated a strong and united Canada. According to one of his supporters “Trudeau came into politics to entrench minority right- and he did”. Who is Pierre Trudeau? Pierre Elliott Trudeau was born on October 18, 1919 to a bilingual family. His mother was Scottish and his father was French Canadian. He came from a wealthy family. Trudeau was very educated and attended many schools. In 1938 he completed his bachelor’s degree at College Jean-de-Brebeuf. In 1943 he studied law at the University of Montreal and became a lawyer. He then went on to Harvard to earn a master’s degree in arts. In 1946-47 he went to do his postgraduate work in political science, law and economics at University of Paris. After that in 1947-48 he went to the London school of Economics. Trudeau then took off a year to travel to Europe and Asia. In 1971 he was married to Margaret Sinclair, who was 30 years younger than him. He had three sons with her: Justin, Alexander (Sacha) and Michel (who later died in a avalanche accident). In 1992 he had a daughter with Deborah Coyne, named Sarah Coyne. His marriage ended in a separation with Margaret Sinclair and then divorced her in 1984. His Career After returning to Canada, Trudeau became well known for supporting the labor unions in the Asbestos Strike of Quebec and also fought against the regime of Premier Maurice Duplessis of Quebec, against social and political change. In 1950, Trudeau was the founder of the review magazine, “Cite Libre”. The “Cite Libre” published concerns for individuals and held economic opportunities that should be equal for each person. It defended the freedom of thought, speech and religion and advocated nonsectarian schools. In 1961 he was a law professor in University of Montreal. He later decided to enter politics. In 1965...

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