Babe Ruth

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Biography of Babe Ruth Babe Ruth is one of the most influential sports athletes in history. He overcame many obstacles in his life, like a bad childhood, people not believing in him, and his parents and grandparents dying, to get to where he is now. Not only did his childhood deprive him of being influenced by his parents but with his grandparents also. You see his parents died when he was young. Soon after that his grandparents died. After his grandparent Continue...

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Since he became so famous after his bad childhood he showed people that you must keep following your dreams if you want to reach them. Even though his parents died when he was young he was still able to learn baseball from a role model they called brother Mathias who was a member of the clergy. Despite of his childhood he still became very famous. s died foster family took custody of him but sent him to a boarding school and there he got 2 wholesome meals a day and was around people that cared about him 24 hours a day. Not only does this inspirational story prove he was very confident in himself but that he is one of the most influential sports athletes in history. Even though he suffered many deaths through his childhood he still gave 100 effort all the time. When he told his friends that he wanted to be a baseball player when he grew up they all mostly laughed at him but he knew one day that he would get there. Soon this role model saw that Ruth was getting way too good at baseball for the coaches at his boarding school so they sent him to another boarding school where some of the states best coaches were at. Without his ongoing struggle to live a happy and easy life this accomplishment might not have been so great.


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