Ancient Greek Cultures

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Ancient Greek culture is much different from modern American culture, but they both have some similarities also. Americans developed some things from the Greek culture; like concepts of math and science, democracy, and also the modern view of beauty. Modern American culture has learned a lot from the Greeks and use a lot of what we learned from the Greeks today. The differences between American culture and Greek culture is that the Greek culture developed things before the Americans did. The American culture acted different towards different types of subjects and people. For example the Greeks had a government way before the Americans did. The Americans saw that the Greeks were well managed people, so they developed a government Continue...

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The Greeks had things before Americans did and had more knowledge then the American culture because the Greeks lived much differently then the Americans. The Greeks also had the Olympics in Greece before the Americans could. The two cultures are similar because both modern American culture and Greek culture treat their people the same way today, everyone has equal rights and can do what they want. Modern America holds the Olympics here every two years mostly, another thing that the Americans presented because of the Greeks. Today in modern society women can depend on themselves to make a living. Modern American culture has changed a lot from their culture many years ago. Modern American culture and Greek culture have many similarities and differences. Modern American culture now has a well-rounded government which we learned and developed from the Greek culture. Modern American culture now has stadiums and coliseum, but they found out about it from the Greek culture. In ancient Greek the men treated the women different too. Some of the differences were that the two cultures developed their knowledge at different times. Another difference between to cultures is that the Greeks owned large stadiums and coliseums before the Americans did. Unlike many, many years ago when in both cultures didn"tmt treat all people equally.


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