“The world is but a canvas to the imagination.”- Henry David Thoreau. Imagination lets one see many outlooks. Imagination is the core to creativity and knowledge. It is the structure of a mental picture that is unreal, and is not there for the senses to detect.
             Imagination is seeing, hearing, and experiencing with what is inside. When one closes their eyes and sees something, there are two things that are important for the imagination. The first is, we are seeing something that is not apart of reality. It is made up of fictional thoughts. The second thing to remember is that if one can see something, it must exist somewhere. If it does not exist physically, then it exists else where. It may be the formation of thoughts to deal with a problem. One may be able to run issues that bother them over and over in their head. Soon, they make a list of resolutions. Imagination can help sort out what is the best outlook by forming a miniature film in one’s head.
             Another feature of imagination is that, most of the time, what we see is almost exactly like something we have seen before in our life. Sometimes one can drift back to the past and reencounter experiences long lost to memory. As they relive these memories through imagination, it may cause one to think that they are seeing the actual physical thing or person. As complicating as it is, imagination can play tricks in one’s head and may mislead them.
             Imagination activates one’s senses. For example, when writing, imagination comes into play. The five senses come alive as one imagines their connections and revisiting things in the past. For instance, one may seem something that reminds one of a past experience. As one flashbacks, a funny situation surfaces and one remembers exactly how the conversation went. Reality serves as a springboard, launching one into surprising places painted by one’s imagination
             Imagination is the match; creativity, the flame. Creativity wi...

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