Rite of Passage

             The Found Boat is a coming of age story based around the happenings and experiences of five children, around the age of eleven or so. It follows the children around through everything they get themselves into and we actually get to see them grow as we read. It is a story focusing on the rites of passage and experiences most of us will go through at some time in our lives, usually adolescence.
             The setting of this story changes a few different times, but each time, we seem to be brought back to the river. The river represents growth because since it flooded, its like it expanded outside of its boundaries, just as these kids do. The kids can easily use other places to participate in the activities they do, however, it seems as if they are pulled towards the river to be able to grow.
             The five children in The Found Boat are just like any adolescent nowadays. They swear as if they are adults, and seem not to have a care or a worry in the world. The excessive swearing shows their desire to be older, or to at least be considered as adults. However, being little kids, the words are not always used as needed, and their grammar is, of course, a little sub-par.
             The epiphany in the story comes to Eva when she basically realizes her maturity. ?We?ll say its all a lie,? makes Eva light-hearted after she says it. She didn?t realize it could be so easy to get out of it, and she found that she hadn?t thought of that solution until now, after the adventure. The kids matured throughout the story, but Eva is the one who has the epiphany, maturity.
             The Found Boat is a story about five children coming into their own and exploring every part of their lives. All humans go through it as a sort of rite of passage that all people must pass in order to make it into adulthood. These kids seem to do it with ease, and we get to ?watch? them as they do so.

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