Money and power

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Money and Power “ The Invisible Man” by James Fallow, “C.P. Ellis” by Studs Terkel, and “Thinking Critically, Challenging Culture Myths” by Gary Colombo. All three of these essays have a common point to them. If you look at them in a different light, you could say that each talks about power and the rich man. If someone has a lot of money they can persuade people to things that the person that has the money beliefs in. they can donate it to a government official who has the same belief system that the rich person has. They can persuade businesses, government officials or people to do things that the rich guy wants. Money brings extreme power, if someone that doesn’t have money would need to be that much smarter. Everyone wants power, if somebody has that power, they would want more of it. People think money equal power, and most of the time that is correct. In C.P. Ellis “My father worked hard but never had enough money to buy decent clothes. When I went to school, I never seemed to have adequate clothes to wear. I always left school late afternoon with a sense of inferiority” (Terkel 262). Inferiority in a sense means having no power or not fitting in. In the case of Ellis his father couldn’t buy him the Continue...

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During a boom it seems unimaginable even if it"tms going on. Fallows worked in a temporary project inside a software company, and he use to stay late in the night. Society at large is so consumed with how wealthy it is becoming that it leaves little mind share for anything else" (Fallows 366). Some people think money can buy love and happiness. When someone that doesn"tmt have money to live on turns towards somebody that can help them. Low-income families don"tmt have the resources to participate in society other than basic needs. Most people who money doesn"tmt usually want to know that there are really poor people that are having trouble making a living. Rich people can almost get anything they want. People can"tmt be poor and have power. Rich people want to believe that if they can become wealthy anyone can. I f they have a family member that"tms got in trouble with the law they can pay to lower the sentence. If money is power then if a poor guy gets some money then they will have some power then. Others think buying cars, fancy houses or ton of other recreational things with their money makes them better then other people " Some calculate the meaning of success in terms of multi-digit salaries or the acreage of their country estates" (Colombo 3). Power is useful when they can persuade schools to let the rich people kids in.


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