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The movie “Romero” is about the life of Oscar Romero, an archbishop of El Salvador. The movie illustrates the hardships and the sacrifices that Oscar Romero has done in order to help and serve the underprivileged people of El Salvador. The story unfolds as the church begins to see the discrimination and the unfair treatment of the government to its people. The poor people of El Salvador get treated badly and are deprived of their rights as a person belonging to that country. There are a lot of things that had caught my attention while watching the movie. I think that the whole plot of the story has struck me as important and significant as a Catholic and as a human being. One of the events that have transpired in the movie that stuck me the most was how some important powerful figure in the church are willing to close their senses as to what is going on around them. They close to remain ignorant and numb to the cries and the pleas of the people so that the government would protect them at all cost. Another one is when the people are still faithful to their church even though they know that the government is against them. Through this their faith in God is tested. The church began to help the people get their freedom ba Continue...

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We shouldn't be afraid of doing the right thing nothing will go wrong if we go with God's Rules. The church and the government seem to be always on the same side. Also, we shouldn't be afraid to express out insights and thoughts. They often rely on each other in order to get the support of the people, but when the government saw that the church couldn't be persuaded into accepting the things that are happening as it is, the government began to spread the terror and fear among the people, hoping that it would end the protests of the people. These were shown when the people always gathered in the church to hear mass and receive the Holy Eucharist. The church is also considered as the most powerful weapon anyone can ever possess. The movie also portrayed the value of unity and cooperation among the people. Abuse of human rights has been rampant and nobody knows how to solve and end that problem until now. At first archbishop Romero does not believe on how the military abuses the people, but after his friend father Rutilio Grande got assassinated, Romero began to have second thoughts and tried to defend and help lessen, if not stop the sufferings of the people under the military junta that is happening tin their country. ck from the abusive government run bay the military after a lot of innocent people have been killed for not following the rules that the government wants to implement because they know that it would only cause them more pain and more sufferings in the future. Because Archbishop Romero was assassinated during one of his masses. They want to end the dictatorial kind of government that rules over their country once and for all. It is also common for people to keep their complaints to themselves for fear of being harmed if they oppose to the government, some who choose to remain ignorant and closes their senses to the cries and pleas of the suffering people. Catholicism is still looked up to no matter how one tries to smear or ruin the reputation of the church.


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