Future Computers

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Computer capabilities in the future-for a computer type Computer is a part of our nowadays world. More and more we become dependent on computers. So far computers haven’t overcame peoples’ brains, but in the near future computers will be more intelligent than we could ever dreamed about it. Soon every step that we make will be followed by computers. The main thing is, how it will affect peoples lives, worldviews, and thinking. Are we going to be dependent on our brains or will we have to depend only on computers? Future computers that see will change how we use consumer electronics and computing devices at home and work. For instance, your TV could pause the show you are watching without the need for a remote control. Just by seeing you get up to go get a beer, your TV would know you're leaving the room and no longer paying attention. Other applications might include a set of programs that help handicapped people control their PCs and all other connected devices in the home with head or eye movements. There could also be intuitive documents that sense when students are confused by "looking" at their facial expressions. Then, a computer might retrieve some supplemental information that could help the stumped student bette Continue...

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Future computers may be driven by photonics instead of electronics and use molecular substrates built by bacteria. In the very near future, computers will be a part of everything people do; from the way they socialize to the way they watch television. Computers are continuing their trend to become almost as powerful as the human brain. The computer will function as expert and we can ask him any question in physics or philosophy and he will get the answer. Future computers will be more human oriented, knowing how to track the users' behaviors and habits, thus better serving their individual needs. Computers are already giving us access to large amounts of information. and they will even have emotions and consciousness. Wearable computers or even computers implanted in our bodies could be next. There seems no reason why machines should not become more intelligent than people in the future. When someone enters the room, air conditioning, light and computer systems will be adjusted automatically according to hisher desires. Computers will be able to see ultraviolet light like bees and infrared light. Future computers will operate being hidden in walls, tables and chairs. Future computers will be completely different and they will have all the senses like ears, eyes etc. Computers created within the next two decades could revolve around a technology in which laser beams converge inside crystals the size of sugar cubes, forming holographic images for processing huge amounts of information.


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